Khass –Pakistan leading brand for Organic Food

Khass ,the symbol of Purity has grown on the principle of heath, ecology and care. We bring organic food to our customers. These products are produced through a large number of accredited farmers who do not promote the use of any harmful pesticides to grow their products which ensures a safe and protected supply of nutrients to each product.

Who we are:

Ruh Group has built a valuable relationship with their clients by facilitating them with 100% original and organic products which make the goodwill of Khass that is irreplaceable. When Khass has entered into the food business. From now up till Khass produces everyday food items which make them one of the leading names in the food business industry. They are marked as a solely dedicated brand, which is there to provide premium quality food products right from the field to your kitchen shelf.

What we do:


Oil and essential:  produce100 % Organic and original olive oil directly imported from Spain.

Dry fruit: Produce Organic dry fruit nuts for their customers.

Dates: Premium quality dates directly imported from Saudi Arabia.

Sugar/confectionary: Excellent quality organic  sugar and raw Honey.


Why Khass:

High nutritional value: Produce high nutritional value organic food.

No chemicals and pesticides: We do not add any harmful chemicals to preserve the food.

Preserve the environment: Use sustainable packaging to reduce pollution from the environment.